I'm Jada, a professional vocal producer, vocalist and composer. I enjoy creating new realities with the magic of sound. Kick off your shoes––stay a while. Put on your favorite headphones, press the play buttons and enjoy the sonic ride.


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*This audio has been edited to >3 minutes but include all sections from the original <14 minute piece

This score was created for choreographer Kerri Garrett's work "The Shadows Whisper Secrets" (2021) in residence at The Atlanta Contemporary Museum. This cinematic soundscape consists of sampling and emotive sound design, calling upon the influence of Sarah Vaughn's sultry singing and the music of West Africa. I played most of the instruments on this track, recording and engineering the project in my home studio.

In addition to being asked to create a score based on a specific story line, I was also asked to "Mickey Mouse" some of the dancers' movements with additional sound effects.


Skills used: Music syncing - Sound design - Audio recording and engineering


This project was created as an overdubbing final project for an undergraduate Music for TV and Film course at Spelman College, taught by Dr. Carlos Simon. This project consists of a Soul Train theme song remake and a mashup of Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious" with The J.B.s' "Pass the Peas".

Skills used: Audio recording and engineering - Foley - Sound design - Overdubbing - Jingle creation -Music syncing - Remixing - Video editing


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"Only" was composed for Camille Simone Thomas' short film of the same name.† Only (2021) shows the life young teacher through her webcam. A teacher by day and sex-worker on her breaks, her sexuality pays the bills. I was asked to compose a sensual love-making song to accompany a scene where the main character seductively caters to her online clientele. 

Skills used: Music syncing - Sound design - Audio recording and engineering

†Only was premiered at the 2022 NYC Indie Film Fest


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*This audio consists of multiple clips from this campaign

Spoiler alert: this might be the most fun I've ever had working on a personal project. Sunnyside Y88.8 is a fictional Detroit based radio station, originally created for the promotion of "Old Redford" (2021).  I wanted to do everything possible to get that warm, authentic, inconsistent radio sound. I created a 1960s inspired jingle, several 2000s inspired jingles and a surplus of other nostalgic audio that made me miss V98.7 more than I already did. Of course a radio station is nothing without a hotline, so a number was released and supporters called to leave voice messages. These messages were later put into a radio-style advertisement as a "THANK YOU" for social media. 


Skills used: Foley - Sound design - Music syncing - Music production - Audio engineering and editing - Foley - Video editing


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In the early winter of 2022, independent filmmaker Kiersten White set out to remake the intro from the hit 90s sitcom A Different World. I was commissioned to reimagine the theme song, bringing it into the 21st century just as they changed the original theme song twice throughout the 90s.

Skills used: Music syncing - Sound design - Audio recording and engineering

Programs used: Ableton Live (with Ableton Push 2)


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"Old Redford" (2021) is a self-produced song of pride for my city, Detroit. I am credited for recording, mixing and co-mastering.

Skills used: Music recording and engineering - Music production - Vocal production