It’s been about 5 years since I started making music as Quartz and abandoned my government name, which I’d been performing under since 13. I also released a project under my original name in 2014 (you can still find some of these janky tracks on folks youtube pages if you google). I chose the change of name because of my ever present interest in the metaphysical and I embraced the idea of setting my life intentions with my music. A little later, I shortened the name for simplicity and honestly, because shortened names had recently become popular.

I also wanted to experiment with how millennials digest different music and if I'd garnish a different type of attention online by playing with "unconventional" themes and genres such as the then newly popular genre Trap-soul. The researcher in me wanted answers for fun, but also wanted a challenge for growth. worked. It was indeed fun, I have grown as a writer, producer and artist beyond my own imagining, and as of now "Up" is still my most played song on Soundcloud.

With that being said, things come in seasons and energies shift. I am not 18 anymore and I have expanded beyond my own imagination, constantly aiming to feed various desires both artistic and scholarly. No, I am not quitting music, and no I am not suppressing my avant-garde personality and artistry. But I desire to create work in a manner that sparks conversation in a tangible manner across communities, genres and disciplines, and I’m staring at what feels right. I have decided to leave qtz. in the past and again, take on my birth name. From this day on, please refer to me at Jada Nycole Ellise (JĀY-duh nuh-ŌLE uh-LĒSE). All previous releases under the qtz. moniker will stay on all streaming services and in stores for you to listen to and purchase. My web domain will also remain the same and redirect to this site. Thank y’all as always for your continued love and support of my endeavors. It never goes unnoticed.

Let's keep growing.